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Are you, or do you know a hard-working person who doesn’t earn enough to pay for health insurance, or doesn’t have access to a health plan? The uninsured can be found throughout our community. The VIM Clinic helps fills that gap in care thanks to caring medical professionals who donate their time and services so that we can provide free primary care to qualified individuals.

Our culture of caring is at the heart of what we do. How people are treated here at the Clinic is as important as the medical care they receive. We understand that our patients are good people who need help, are surviving on limited resources, and doing what they can to get through each day.

At the VIM Clinic, we recognize the strength of those in need and respect their dignity. We provide a model of ethical medical care that seeks to heal physical illness as well as the injury that results from bias, stigma and indifference.

In addition to general medicine, the VIM Clinic is able to provide a number of specialties thanks to our medical volunteers and physicians within the community who take our patient referrals.

At the Clinic, we can provide the following services free of charge, once applicants have been screened to meet our eligibility criteria, (los requisitos de elegibilidad) and established as patients.



CARDIOLOGY: We can perform EKGs onsite, and can order stress tests and echocardiograms. A cardiologist from the Cleveland Clinic also volunteers as available.

DERMATOLOGY: A monthly dermatology clinic is available and we can make referrals to community practitioners.

DIABETES: We can provide treatment, counseling and support in collaboration with the Martin Memorial Diabetes Education Program.

DIETICIAN SERVICES:  A registered dietician who is also a diabetes educator is available during the winter months.

EYE CLINIC: Two opthalmologists and four optometrists volunteer at the Clinic.

GI CLINIC: We have volunteer gastroenterologists and can refer patients to a community practitioner.

LABORATORY: We have phlebotomists who draw blood at the clinic and send the samples to Martin Memorial Health Systems for laboratory analysis as needed.

MENTAL HEALTH: We have a mental health nurse practitioner on staff who sees patients daily. We also have a volunteer mental health counselor who volunteers two Fridays a month.

ORTHOPEDICS: A volunteer physician is available twice monthly. We do not have an outside referral source for orthopedics.

PHYSICAL THERAPY & SPEECH THERAPY: These services are provided on a referral basis from outside providers.

PODIATRY CLINIC: We have a podiatry clinic available once a month, run by a family of podiatrists.

PRESCRIPTION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: There are select medications that we can apply for on behalf of patients who cannot afford their prescriptions.

REFERRALS: We are able to refer patients to community practitioners who have agreed to provide our patients with services free of charge. No elective or cosmetic procedures are available.

RESPIRATORY: We perform pulmonary function tests onsite and can get sleep studies for patients. We can usually help patients obtain CPAP machines. Patients can usually obtain nebulizers through the American Lung Association at 800-330-5864.

TOBACCO CESSATION: A free smoking cessation program is available with counseling services and tobacco cessation products, in partnership with the Florida QuitLine.

TUBERCULOSIS: We perform PPD tests onsite. Any patient with a positive test result receives a chest X-ray and liver enzyme test, and the results are reported to the Martin County Health Department.

WOMEN’S HEALTH: We provide annual women’s breast and pelvic exams, colposcopies, endometrial biopsies, cryosurgery and LEEP procedures.

If you’re a practitioner who can help us provide services to patients in need, please contact us .

If you’re a Martin County resident who needs primary care services, please check our eligibility criteria, (los requisitos de elegibilidad) and  contact us.