These doctors see our patients on a referral basis at their offices, free of charge.

Guillermo Abesada-Terk MD John K.B. Afshar MD William E. Anspach III MD Christopher Bailey MD Gordon Baskin MD Mark S. Beatty MD Antonio Beltran MD Norman Bennett MD A. James Bradley MD Craig Breslauer MD Brian Breslaw MD Gabriel Breuer MD Michael Burke MD Kristin Carano MD Michael F. Carelli OD William Carlson MD Anthony Cerminara MD Kasem Charnvitayapong MD Berjan Collin MD Lewis Cook Jr. MD Fred Crouch MD Marinely Cruz-Amy MD William H. Davenport MD Nicolas DeFabrique DMD Alpana A. Desai MD Shawn T. Engebretsen DDM Amy Eversole MD Ahmed Fadel MD John Fasano MD Lucinda Faulkner ARNP Darrell M. Fiske MD Robert I. Forster MD Ronald Frenkel MD Richard S. Gagnon PA-C Paul M. Gallogly MD
Frank Garcia MD Robert W. Garrett MD Juan Giachino MD John M. Guerrero MD Cynthia Gustafson MD George J. Haas MD Alan Haspel DMD Nathanial Hill MD Jeffrey Hillman MD James Hoffman MD John M. Houri MD Daniel Husted MD Nicholas Iannotti MD Anna Iskandar PA-C Steven Jordan MD Mark Kaiser MD Jordan Kaltman DMD Check Kam MD Nelson C. Klaus III MD Amitabh Kumar MD Philip Laird MD Adrian M. Lavina MD William E. Lippisch DMD Rene Loyola MD Stephen McIntyre MD Mark Michels MD Vincent P. Miraglia MD Dwayne Montie OS David Mordes MD Douglas Most DDS Larry Mufson MD Benjamin J. Ngo MD Nayomi Omura MD Paul D. Paré MD Prashant Patel MD
Stephen Patten MD Matthew N. Peebles MD Eric Pfeiffer MD Maikhoi Pham DPM Anuj Prasher MD Kiran A. Reddy MD George Rittersbach MD David Rodin MD Seth Rosen MD Stuart Sabol MD Clifford L. Salinger MD Denise Sanderson MD Julio Sanguily III MD Theodore Schiff MD Jack Schoppe DPM John Schoppe  DPM Joseph Schoppe DPM Paul Schoppe DPM Todd Schroeder MD Heather Seith MD Jeremy Singer MD Alan Siegel OD Jason Stabley DO Shanna Stone ARNP James Strauss DDS Paul Swanson MD Michael Sweet MD Samuel Tapper MD James Thornton MD Aron Trocchia MD James P. Truitt MD James Vopal MD Craig Wengler MD W. Edward Wengler MD Heather Yeckes-Rodin MD


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If you do not see your name, we apologize. Please contact us so that we may update this listing. Thank you.