Frequently Asked Questions


Question:  Who can become a patient at VIM Clinic?

Answer:     Uninsured adults, 18 – 64 years old, who reside in Martin County and meet income eligibility requirements. Visit our Services page to learn more and schedule a screening appointment.


Question:  What are the current income eligibility requirements?

Answer:     The income eligibility is 250% of Federal Poverty Income Levels. For 2024, to become a patient, the annual income from all sources cannot exceed:

  • For a single person, income cannot exceed $30,120
  • For a family of two, income cannot exceed $40,880
  • For a family of three, income cannot exceed $51,640
  • For a family of four, income cannot exceed $62,400
  • For each additional person over a family of four, add $10,760 to the income limit


Question:  What documentation do I need to provide for eligibility screening?

Answer:     Please download the list of required eligibility screening documents here.


Question:  What if I have insurance like Medicare or Medicaid, can I still be a patient?

Answer:     Generally, only uninsured adults between the ages of 18 and 64 can be patients at VIM Clinic. Once a person turns 65, they are eligible for Medicare insurance and are transitioned to private practice. There are some instances where patients who have been temporarily provided “share the cost” or “medically needy” Medicaid can become patients. Please contact the eligibility screeners at 772-463-4128 to learn more.


Question:  Do I have to be sick to become a patient?

Answer:     No, you don’t have to have any current medical issues to become a patient. If you are currently feeling well, now is the perfect time to make sure you stay that way by getting an annual check-up and routine health screenings like a mammogram and FIT colon cancer test.


Question:  Do patients have to pay for services?

Answer:     No, there is no charge or co-pay for essential medical services including exams, labs, screenings, diagnostics, disease treatments or surgeries.


Question:  You have “volunteer” in your name. Do patients have to volunteer to get services?

Answer:     Patients do not need to volunteer or do anything in exchange for becoming or staying a patient. VIM Clinic utilizes the services of local volunteer medical professionals to provide primary and specialty patient care. All of our staff and volunteer medical professionals are licensed with the State of Florida.


Question:  Does VIM Clinic treat veterans?

Answer:     VIM Clinic will refer veterans to the Veterans Administration so that they can take advantage of their VA medical benefits. A new VA Clinic recently opened at 3501 SE Willoughby Blvd, Stuart, FL 34994 to serve Martin County veterans.


Question:  Do VIM Clinic patients pay for medication?

Answer:     VIM Clinic assists the patient in acquiring medication for free from pharmaceutical manufacturers and organizations like AmeriCares or Direct Relief Network. If an appropriate medication cannot be acquired for free, the Clinic will make every effort to help the patient receive their medication for a substantially reduced cost.


Question:  What if a patient needs surgery or treatment for a disease like cancer?

Answer:     VIM Clinic provides the primary care to coordinate necessary outside treatments or surgeries for the patient’s overall care. Local partners like Cleveland Clinic Martin Health and private medical practices provide essential specialty services, even surgery or cancer treatment, at no charge for our patients. There is no guarantee of services, but we all work together to get our patients the essential services they need. Cosmetic and elective surgeries are not considered essential.


Question:  How long do I have to wait to get my first appointment?

Answer:     You must first be screened for eligibility prior to your first appointment with a doctor. Depending on your situation a patient’s first appointment is usually within two weeks, however more urgent cases may be seen sooner.


Question:  Is there a waitlist to become a patient?

Answer:     At this time there is no waitlist.


Question:  Does VIM Clinic see patients under 18 years old?

Answer:     No, VIM Clinic does not treat children, only uninsured adults between the ages of 18 to 64 who live in Martin County. If you need medical assistance for children or you are pregnant, please contact the Florida Community Health Centers. There are two locations in Martin County:

Stuart, Florida Community Health Center
3441 SE Willoughby Blvd, Stuart, FL 34994

Indiantown, Florida Community Health Center
15858 SW Warfield Blvd, Indiantown, FL 34956


Question:  Do you treat pregnant women?

Answer:     No, the Clinic refers pregnant women to the Florida Community Health Centers where they have a comprehensive prenatal program.


Question:  Do you provide dental care?

Answer:     No, the Clinic refers routine dental cleanings and extractions to Christian Community Dental Care Center located at 6092 SE Federal Highway, Stuart, FL 34997.


Question:  What if I don’t live in Stuart, can I still be a patient at VIM?

Answer:     If you live anywhere in Martin County including Hobe Sound, Indiantown, Palm City, Stuart, Jensen Beach, Rio, and Port Salerno, and are an uninsured adult who meets income requirements, you are eligible to become a patient. VIM Clinic does not provide transportation, however, our social worker can recommend transportation options.


Question:  What if a patient needs to see a specialist?

Answer:     VIM Clinic coordinates specialty care for their patients with local specialists who volunteer to see our patients. Some volunteer specialist provide services in our Clinic, others require the patients to go to their offices. VIM Clinic makes every effort to secure essential specialty care at no cost, however free specialty services cannot be guaranteed.


Question:  I also need help with things like transportation, employment, and food insecurity. Can VIM Clinic help me?

Answer:     VIM Clinic has a full-time social worker on staff to assist patients with finding additional services to support their overall wellness.


Question:  Does VIM Clinic provide mental health services?

Answer:     VIM Clinic has volunteer psychotherapists who see a limited number of patients at the Clinic. For more mental health needs, VIM Clinic refers patients to community mental health resources.


Question:  How long has VIM Clinic been in Martin County?

Answer:     VIM Clinic has been providing free, professional, and compassionate medical care since 1995. It is modeled after the first Volunteers in Medicine Clinic in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and was the second such clinic established in the United States. VIM Clinic is a stand-alone organization and has a 501(c)3 nonprofit designation from the IRS.


Question:  What if I work in Martin County, but I don’t live there. Can I become a patient?

Answer:     No, only uninsured adults who reside full-time in Martin County and meet income eligibility requirements can become patients. If you live in St. Lucie County, you may qualify to become a patient at the HANDS Clinic, which also uses the VIM Clinic model for patient services.


Question:  Is VIM Clinic a nonprofit?

Answer:     Yes. VIM Clinic is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.


Question:  What is The Friends of Volunteers in Medicine Clinic?

Answer:     The Friends of Volunteers in Medicine Clinic (FVIM) organization exists solely to provide fundraising support for VIM Clinic. FVIM hosts an annual gala, golf tournament and other events to raise money to support the Clinic. FVIM is also a 501(c)3 nonprofit.


Question:  If VIM Clinic doesn’t charge patients for services, how does it stay in business?

Answer:     VIM Clinic is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that is financially supported through generous grants, donations, and donated services from organizations like the Martin County Board of County Commissioners, Cleveland Clinic Martin Health, Diagnostic Imaging Services, and The Friends of Volunteers in Medicine Clinic.


Question:  I have old medication that was not used. Can I donate it to VIM Clinic?

Answer:     VIM Clinic cannot accept prescription medications, even if they were unopened. Prescription medications should be disposed of properly and should never be thrown in the trash or flushed in the sink or toilet. Use https://safe.pharmacy/drug-disposal/ to find a pharmacy or local law enforcement office where you can drop off unused medication. SIRUM is a national organization that collects certain unused prescription medications (no opioids or narcotics) to redistribute to needy individuals. You must pay for the shipping, but the medication won’t go to waste.


Question:  I have gently used medical equipment to donate. Will VIM Clinic accept these?

Answer:     VIM Clinic appreciates the generous offer but our Clinic doesn’t have much storage space. We recommend contacting OxyPro Plus at (772) 223-2825  to inquire about donating your items to Bob’s Closet. OxyPro delivers oxygen and medical equipment throughout the Treasure Coast and can refurbish and deliver the equipment to those in need in our community through Bob’s Closet.


Question:  How can I help VIM Clinic?

Answer:     There are lots of ways to help uninsured adults in Martin County who are struggling financially to get the medical care they desperately need. You can

  • Make a tax-deductible donation via our website or you can mail a check to VIM Clinic, 417 SE Balboa Ave, Stuart, FL 34994.
  • Join us at one of our fundraising events like our annual gala or golf tournament. Visit our Events Page to see a list of upcoming events.
  • Volunteer for a few hours a month. If you are a licensed medical professional and are interested in volunteering, please reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator at 772-463-4128 x216 to learn more about available opportunities. All volunteers have to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and get their annual flu shot.
  • Follow us on social media to share our story and posts with your friends and followers to help get the word out about VIM Clinic. You can find us on Facebook @VolunteersInMedicineClinic, on Twitter and Instagram @VIMClinic, and on YouTube @VIMClinicStuart.
  • Share information about VIM Clinic. If you know an uninsured adult living in Martin County, tell them about VIM Clinic. Our patients are the fabric of our community like the people who take care of our children, serve our coffee, build our homes, deliver groceries, and clean our homes and offices. Word of mouth is the number one way patients find out about our services.
  • Have a representative from VIM Clinic come speak at your church, club, homeowners association, or other gathering. We have several staff members available to share information about our services and all the good we do in the community. Contact the Community & Donor Relations Manager at 772-463-4128 x211 to learn more.


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