Meet Kimberly, a Volunteers in Medicine Clinic patient for over 11 years. From primary care to dental and mental health services, VIM Clinic has been a constant source of support throughout her health journey. Under the primary care of Vickie Dodds, DNP, APRN, who has been instrumental in managing her overall health, she has accessed a range of services, from primary care to specialized procedures over the years. Kimberly’s story involves her dental health, with reconstructive dental work from volunteer provider Dr. Nicolas deFabrique, DMD of deFabrique Aesthetic Dentistry. She also faced a challenge with her vocal cords, experiencing hoarseness and difficulty speaking. Volunteer provider of Otolaryngology Dr. Stuart Sabol from ENT and Allergy Associates of Florida performed surgery to remove a vocal cord polyp and re-open an obstructed airway. This procedure significantly improved Kimberly’s voice and ability to communicate effectively. Carrie Oscarson, APRN, Nurse Practitioner of Oncology at CCMH, played a crucial role in her preventive care, leading to the early detection of a small lung nodule.

Recognizing the importance of mental health, Kimberly found support in counseling services at VIM Clinic. Natalie Keegan, APRN, and Sean Todd, LCSW, provided therapy and assisted with her emotional well-being. Kimberly’s story is a testament to the comprehensive and compassionate care supporting her health and happiness for over a decade.

Kimberly shares: “I am grateful for the services provided for me. I would not have the healthcare I needed if not for VIM Clinic.”