Meet Jasmine D., a brave married woman with three children from Indiantown, who faced a challenging journey during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here’s her inspiring story: Jasmine discovered a large mass in her breast, a moment of alarming concern for any individual. Without insurance, she decided to seek help at the ER. She needed a workup and not emergency treatment. That’s when her brother suggested she try enrolling at Volunteers in Medicine Clinic (VIM Clinic). On May 3rd, Jasmine took that crucial step. She met with our social worker, Kim Ouellette, for eligibility screening on May 9th and was seen by our volunteer provider, Dr. William Bethea, on May 10th. Dr. Bethea conducted a thorough examination and ordered the necessary imaging. The compassionate team, including Stephanie Keane, APRN, and Dr. Luis Arroyo from Cleveland Clinic Martin Health, joined forces to support Jasmine in her journey. The mammogram results were abnormal, prompting a biopsy. Thankfully, the pathology report came back benign, offering a ray of hope amidst the uncertainty. The dedicated medical professionals called her before her scheduled follow-up visit, sparing her the agony of continued waiting and worrying. Jasmine’s health issue is likely related to her last childbirth. Dr. Arroyo will provide her with the appropriate treatment for her thankfully curable condition. Jasmine’s journey reminds us of the importance of early detection and access to healthcare. This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let’s come together to raise awareness about breast health.

VIM Clinic Jasmine shares:

“VIM Clinic provided assistance during my time of need.  Without their support, I wouldn’t have been able to afford my medical expenses.”