Stuart, June 13, 2019

STUART, FL – Angela has been a patient at VIM Clinic for about eight years and has recently made a major career shift. After a challenging year dealing with her health and the health of her loved ones, Angela has completed a Certified Nursing Assistant course and is well on her way to a career in the medical field.

With years of retail experience under her belt, Angela decided she wanted to change careers after her cousin’s daughters, 3 and 6 years old, were diagnosed with hip dysplasia, a medical condition where the hip socket doesn’t cover the ball of the upper thighbone properly and causes the hip joint to become dislocated. When asked what pushed her to make the change, Angela said, “those girls were my inspiration, but Jessica and Cheryl are the ones who encouraged me to become a CNA.”

 Jessica and Cheryl, Medical Assistants at VIM, have helped take care of Angela throughout the years she has been a patient. Angela has received care for several medical issues including women’s health, anxiety and gastrointestinal. Last year Angela was treated at the clinic for acute non-alcoholic hepatitis, a frightening experience that helped push her to get certified as a nursing assistant. After this experience and watching her cousin’s children go through treatment for their hip dysplasia, Angela has set some amazing career goals for herself.

Angela has completed her CNA course and is waiting on the results of her final exam. Once she is certified she wants to work at a hospital to gain experience before moving to Orlando and working at a children’s hospital. Angela explained, “My end goal is to become a Surgical Technologist at a children’s hospital.” In the meantime Angela also helps take care of her grandmother who is in her late 90’s and has an aid to assist her at home.

Angela has been a kind and grateful VIM patient who will be missed terribly once she moves to Orlando, but everyone at VIM couldn’t be happier to see her pursuing her goals.