Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) Clinic treats patients with different illnesses; diabetes, hepatitis and more. The VIM Clinic has two patients, James Sosh and Steven Morrison, who’ve been dealing with serious health issues. Sosh has migraine headaches and Morrison has been battling high potassium for several months. They’ve both been able to benefit from AmeriCares relationship with the VIM Clinic and now they’re on a healthy route.

The VIM Clinic receives free weekly medication donations from AmeriCares. Alan Eddison, DNP, ARNP, and Vickie Dodds, ARNP, Clinical Directors, select the medications from a list and the medication is mailed within days.

“The program is a win win situation. Medications with short expiration dates can be provided to patients quickly. Rather being a liability, where an asset for our patients,” said Eddison.

Sosh had migraine headaches since he was four years old. He didn’t really understand what was happening at that age. It affected his energy and his ability to focus. Sosh would use different kinds of medicine, but nothing would work.

The VIM Clinic provided Sosh with Frova, a migraine headache treatment medication. Since using Frova his migraine headaches have improved tremendously.

“It gives you more energy and it takes the pain away. I can focus more on what I have to do and that’s a big difference,” said Sosh.

He hasn’t had an episode since using Frova and his health is the best it’s been. Sosh is thankful for AmeriCares weekly donations. He feels if it wasn’t for their contributions his headaches wouldn’t have improved. This medicine costs nearly $500, but because of AmeriCares, Sosh gets Frova for free.

Morrison became aware of his high potassium six months ago. One time he had enough potassium for five people he says. He felt horrible, but since he’s been taking Sodium Polystyrene, which is a medicine AmeriCares donates to VIM, it’s made a huge difference. It normally costs $30, but Morrison gets it for free.

“I’m not in a grave and that’s pretty good in my book,” said Morrison. “Without it (Sodium Polystyrene) I would be in a grave. I wouldn’t be talking to you right now, you’ll be talking to a tombstone.”

Since he’s been provided with Sodium Polystyrene, Morrison’s potassium hasn’t been an issue. If it wasn’t for AmeriCares and the VIM Clinic, he says it wouldn’t stay under control.

“He has a supply on hand that he takes as needed. If I check his potassium and it comes back high, he can immediately take the Sodium Polystyrene and it will lower his potassium. It keeps him from having complications and it keeps him out of the hospital. A simple admission for potassium would be thousands of dollars,” said Eddison.

The VIM Clinic provides health services for uninsured Martin County residents. Patients don’t have Medicaid and must have a household income below 200 percent of the poverty level.