William Bethea, MD, is a volunteer with Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) Clinic who reached his 100th hour with the clinic. He was unaware of the amount of time he’s been volunteering with VIM and he plans to stay longer. Dr. Bethea likes being able to give back to the people who need the help.

When Dr. Bethea and his wife, Kathy Bethea, retired in 2012, they were looking for a physician in Florida. Dr. Richard Dube was recommended and he referred Dr. Bethea to the VIM Clinic. He says it’s a rewarding situation to help people who are in need. He also joined the VIM Clinic Board of Directors.

“Equally as rewarding as private practice, simply because these people are not used to someone caring about them and caring for them. It’s a whole other satisfaction to take care of people who don’t expect it and don’t have any real expectation on what happens when they come here,” said Dr. Bethea.

He says the VIM staff exceeded the expectations of several patients. Many of them don’t know what to expect, but they are suddenly surprised with the service they receive. The clinic provides comprehensive ongoing quality medical care. Dr. Bethea feels a sense of accomplishment volunteering 100 hours at the VIM Clinic.

During the time he’s been a volunteer, Dr. Bethea has come across different cases. He’s had patients who have had incurable diseases, and others where he was able to treat them before their illness got worse.

Dr. Bethea said, “Just last week we had a patient who came in who previously had a situation that wasn’t evaluated properly. It was very obvious that he had a potential life-threatening condition and we sent him to a different hospital and they admitted him.”

He says the VIM Clinic is a center that delivers the best care to people who appreciate it. In addition to flying planes, fishing, hunting and traveling in his RV, he finds time to give back and the clinic is thankful.