Volunteers: Lay


You don’t have to be in the medical field to make a difference! We can use volunteer help with a variety of functions such as clerical work, data entry, document scanning, special projects and on the reception desk. If you’re interested in joining our community of volunteers, please contact us.


Sandy Basil
Kathy Bethea
Sean Crary
Kaycee Crow
Tony DeLorenzo
Dianne Dube
Midge Gibbons
Jeremy Harris
Bill Heller, PhD

Bridie Lamparelli
Pat Lyman
Peggy McCord
John McGhee
Zach McGuire
Carolyn Michaud
David Pohndorf
Myriam Reston

Sharon Rosecrans
Jim Schmidt
Katy Schmidt
Marge Shake
Da Smith
Cheryl Stephens
Carol Sullivan
Marianne Weder-Oliveri