STUART-Fainting could be caused by a decreased blood flow to the brain. It could also lead to several injuries to the body. Radha Samaroo was concerned about her health when she started experiencing these issues. Samaroo couldn’t find a solution to this problem and then it got worse.

On August 5th, Samaroo walked to her kitchen for a cup of coffee and then felt a little dizzy. She walked a bit further and fainted. She was unconscious and a family member found her. She called Volunteers in Medicine Clinic in Stuart to become a patient and once she was deemed eligible, her problem was addressed.

The impact of the fall fractured her maxilla and caused some damage to her teeth. VIM contacted Lippisch and Engebretsen: Oral surgery and Dental Implants, and Dr. William E. Lippisch agreed to see the patient. He and his office staff booked the appointment for the referral and there is no charge to the patient. He performed surgery and repaired her maxilla and teeth. Once that was complete, Samaroo was referred to Dr. Al Warren, DDS, from Christian Community Care and he abstracted her tooth. VIM is so appreciative of their kindness and generosity. Since the surgery, Samaroo is pain-free and happy that VIM was able to find an oral surgeon who could help.

William E. Lippisch, D.M.D

“Their establishment is wonderful for people who have low income. They’re very helpful and they help you get what you need. If you’re sick, they’ll help you get your medicine; I can’t say enough about this place. I think they’re beautiful people who have a big heart and want to help. I love this place and I love the people that work here,” said Samaroo. “I don’t know what would’ve happened. Right now, I have a lot of bills that I can’t afford and they’re helping me with that. I’m depressed about this whole situation because it’s overwhelming, but I’m so thankful for this place.”

She’s happy to be alive and believes angels were watching over her. Samaroo says the situation could have been worse if VIM never existed.

The VIM Clinic in Stuart provides free health care for uninsured Martin County residents who qualify. For more information, call 772-463-4128, or visit online at vimclinic.net.