Tony DeLorenzo has been volunteering at VIM Clinic since 2009, when his wife Karen was hired as head nurse. A lifelong businessman, contractor, handyman and humanitarian, Tony has always believed in “paying it forward.” But when he learned about VIM Clinic, he realized just how much more was needed to help Martin County residents who had fallen on hard times.
“We live in our own economic boxes,” he said. “The reality is, most people don’t have health insurance, and most people don’t have good health.”

With a Purple Heart from the Vietnam War, Tony says he’s lived a very blessed heart as a successful businessman, licensed mariner and private pilot. The DeLorenzos recently renewed their vows after more than 40 years of marriage. They’ve been Florida residents since 1958, where they raised a family that has since spread out all over the world.

Despite an incredibly busy schedule, Tony always finds time to give back, particularly as a member of the Hobe Sound/Port Salerno Rotary Club. He was drawn to that organization because of its high ethical standards and mission of service to the community. “If you’re not going to help your neighbor,” he quips, “then you can’t complain about your neighbor.”

Tony and his fellow Rotarians have helped paint VIM Clinic, assembled and installed new seating, and built a picnic table for VIM staff and volunteers to have lunch outdoors. Tony frequently appears unannounced at the Clinic to do routine repairs on the building and fix potholes in the parking lot. Both he and Karen support the fundraising gala every year. In fact, Karen is an accomplished artist who always donates her paintings and hand-crafted jewelry as silent auction items.

As much as he gives, Tony says he gets a whole lot more back, in terms of business and satisfaction. He always has a big smile and more than a few jokes to crack when he arrives at the clinic. But when he’s done, he always leaves everyone with one last wish – “Have a Blessed Day.”

Thank you Tony – for everything you do!