Welcome to Week 5 of VIM Fit Fest, a virtual wellness experience celebrating Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) Clinic’s 25th Anniversary!

In this week’s video we stopped by Poppleton Creek Park before our workout with Kila Perez at 1Fitness Inc.

Poppleton Creek Park is just off Central Parkway and has a trailhead for a self-guided tour of endangered Florida habitats such as sand pine scrub, scrub flatwoods, and wetlands including the Poppleton Creek Tidal Floodplain. A favorite feature of the park is the off leash dog park with an area for big and small pooches that even has a dog wash-down station for a quick clean up before heading home.

Our Week 5 challenge is led by Kila Perez, a trainer at 1Fitness Inc. In this challenge, Kila uses an exercise band placed around the thighs and hand weights to increase the resistance and intensity of the exercises. If you are a beginner, start without the band or weights. When you can perform the exercises easily, add the bands and light weights to increase your strength and endurance.

The first exercise is Side Lunges. Keep your torso upright, lower your leading leg until your knee is bent about 90 degrees and your trailing leg is straight. You can add a little hop in between to add even more intensity.

The second exercise is Squats with Toe Taps. When doing a squat, keep your core engaged by pulling your belly button back towards your spine, keep you back straight, head up, knees behind the toes, and sit back like you are going to sit down in a chair. Tap on each side for 10 reps.

The third exercise is a Reverse Lunge with Hammer Curls. For a reverse lunge, you take a large step backward with one leg and lower your hips so that your standing leg is bent parallel to the floor and your knee is directly over the ankle. Add the hammer bicep curl to engage the upper body.

The fourth exercise combines Squats with an Overhead Press. Start with your arms overhead palms facing each other. As you lower down you draw your hands down to your shoulders. As you stand up, you lift your arms overhead again.

If you are feeling really strong, check out the BONUS CHALLENGEPlank Jacks. This exercise takes practice and you’ve got to watch the video to catch this one!

Thank you for joining us at 1Fitness Inc. for this advanced challenge. Repeat each block of exercises three times to get a great full body workout in no time. Share your progress with the hashtag #vimfitfest and #stuartflparks and post on your favorite social media sites. If you don’t do social media, no worries! Simply send us an email to [email protected] and tell us how you’re doing with your wellness journey.