STUART-William Rose couldn’t afford health insurance for years. He didn’t have money to pay for his medicine due to not having a job. His health problems increased. He was seeking a place that could assist him and that’s how he found Volunteers in Medicine in Stuart. Once he walked through the doors, VIM was able to tackle his concerns.

Diabetes was a major struggle for Rose and with limited funds this issue got worse. He received help from his brother, but that slowed down once his brother was diagnosed with throat cancer. His brother also has diabetes which lead to his foot being amputated. Since becoming a patient at VIM, Rose is now able to access his medication which has contributed to the improvement of his health. Seeing his brother struggle with those illnesses inspired him to progress.

“My diabetes is improving. It’s great and they’re helping me a lot. My diabetes is normal now,” said Rose. “I can now get my medicine at Publix which is close to where I live. They’ve helped me with transportation as well.”

Rose had also noticed an issue with his eye sight. He scheduled an appointment with VIM for an eye exam and we noticed he had a cataract in each eye. Our partnership with Stuart Eye Institute, enabled Rose to get the two cataracts removed at no charge to him.

He was born in South Carolina where he spent most of his life. He is the 20th sibling in his family, his parents had 24 children total. Rose spends most of his time taking care of his sick brother. The treatment he receives at VIM enables Rose to continue to care for him.

“They’re excellent for that, the patients, the doctors, all of them,” said Rose. “They’re really good and real nice. They’re honest and loyal.”

Rose says without VIM, his health would be hopeless. It’ll be impossible for him to continue his treatment for his diabetes and he wouldn’t have been able to get his cataract surgery.

“I would have to scatter around and find someone to take me in. I would have to find something to do. It would be real hard,” said Rose.

Rose was having complications with his heart along with a little back pain. He’s working with his primary provider and those concerns have been improving. Since his first day at VIM his health has made a turn for the better.

The VIM Clinic in Stuart provides free health care for uninsured Martin County residents. Individuals must have an annual income of $24,120 or less. For more information call 772-463-4128 or online at vimclinic.net.