STUART-The Eye Man Optical has been providing prescription eye glasses and repairs since 1994 in Martin County. It was an idea started by Fabian Bastidas, LDO, who’s the CEO and an optician. He noticed a good amount of clientele at the B&A Industrial Park and he wanted to start a small practice dedicated to eye glasses.

Fabian grew up with an absentee father, but had an inspirational father figure who was an optician. He showed Fabian how to contribute to his family with an honest living. Fabian became an optician and opened his own practice.

The Eye Man Optical has partnered with Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) Clinic to give back to the community. They provide VIM patients with free exams and reduced rates on eyeglasses. Fabian hired an optometrist who happened to be a VIM volunteer and that’s how The Eye Man Optical made the connection with VIM.

“We’re doing other community services for Hibiscus children. We have a foundation called Share Your Sight Foundation, every pair of glasses we sell, a child gets a pair of glasses. We also work with the House of Hope. So Volunteers in Medicine is just a natural root for me,” said Fabian.

Being able to give back is something Fabian is passionate about. He’s a true believer of helping the less fortunate and making lives better. It’s the reason why he respects the VIM Clinic.

“The biggest gift you can give to someone is the gift of your time. I think it’s awesome and it sends a message that we are here because we care, not for the money. We are here because we want to contribute back to the community. Giving back is already engraved in my mind,” said Fabian.

Fabian gets satisfaction from giving. He’s seen and experienced miracles from giving back. One day a person walked into The Eye Man Optical crying because her eye sight was bad and she couldn’t afford eye glasses. Another customer overheard her story and volunteered to pay for her glasses.

“I can’t get any more without giving, it’s like tithing. I’m a Christian, I look at my job as part of God’s ministry. He provides for me, so I can be able to provide for my family, church and whoever else I can help out,” said Fabian.

When he’s not working, Fabian is spending time with his family. He wants his business to grow and continue to give back to the community.

The VIM Clinic provides health services for uninsured Martin County residents. Patients don’t have Medicaid and one person can earn $23,760 or less. For more information call (772) 463-4128.